The REHAU SYNEGO system offers variety and excellent parameters. The profiles are available in two designs – with a central gasket and with a rebate gasket. The heat transfer coefficient achieved (Uf ≤ 1.0 W/m²K) makes the SYNEGO system meet the future requirements of energy-efficient construction.
The optimum profile depth, which amounts to 80 mm, allows of using warm, triple glazing units. A wide range of profiles and a variety of window shapes as well as a huge choice of colours all make the SYNEGO system an ideal choice for both renovation of old buildings and construction of new ones.

Features of the system:
• profile depth – 80 mm / system with a central gasket and a rebate gasket
• 7-chamber profiles (window frames) and 6-chamber profiles (window sashes)
• heat transfer coefficient: Uf up to 0.94 W/m²K (with a central gasket); Uf up to 1.0 W/m²K (with a rebate gasket)
• sound reduction: up to the class Rw,p = 46 dB
• break-in resistance: up to the RC3 class
• extremely smooth outer surface of the profiles owing to the HDF technology