For many years, our company has manufactured various types of aluminium façades. First and foremost, we work using systems supplied by Aluprof. It is an optimum compromise between price and quality. We are certainly able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.
We offer you the following types of aluminium mullion / transom façades:

MB-SR 50 standard façade

This system is designed to construct lightweight curtain walls – including flat suspended curtain walls – as well as roofs, skylights and other structures. The shape of mullions and transoms makes it possible to construct aesthetic façades with visible narrow separation lines, while simultaneously ensuring strength and durability of the structure. Additionally, the profiles have rounded external corners that provide the so-called soft-line effect. An aesthetic variety of the MB-SR50 façade is the so-called horizontal and vertical line, in which separation lines – horizontal or vertical, respectively – are emphasised.

MB-SR 50 EFEKT semi-structural façade

This is a semi-structural variety of the MB-SR 50 system. Instead of the so-called cover profiles or clips, silicone grout has been used there. Owing to the use of a special system of fastening panes to mullions and transoms, we achieve a smooth glass wall on the outside, which is divided in accordance with a structure of 20 mm wide vertical and horizontal lines.

MB-TT50 mullion / transom façade marked by high thermal insulating power

A specific feature of this system is its high thermal insulating power. A new approach to the design of aluminium profiles and accessories responsible for the tightness and thermal insulation of joints has been applied there. The MB-TT50 system received a certificate in the highest class A+ from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, which confirms that structures made in accordance with this system can be used to construct passive facilities. Moreover, the MB-TT50 system offers a wide range of possibilities as regards the shaping of the installation; apart from that, it is also designed to form the basis for fire-fighting and anti-burglary solutions.