Cost-effectiveness as a principle.

Features of the system:

a compromise between price and good thermal parameters;
profile depth equal to 74 mm ensures good thermal and acoustic insulation;
depending on the veneer, the profiles are available in two designs: 5-chamber and 6-chamber;
stability of window frames and sashes, which is achieved due to a large main chamber in which large steel reinforcement elements are placed;
available in a wide range of acrylcolour options and veneers (both coloured and wood-like);
you can choose between a non-faced design with a straight sash and a half-faced design with a rounded sash and a rounded glazing bead.
For selected profile assemblies, there is a low heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.2 W/m2K
Gealan STV® – static dry glazing
static dry glazing is an innovative glass and profiles bonding technology used during the window manufacturing process;

Advantages of the Gealan STV®:
better thermal protection;
better statics and the possibility of designing higher windows;
better break-in protection. It is even more difficult to prise the pane;

Gealan IKD® – increased thermal insulation of the core
Profiles made of IKD® – air-tight foam infill and an STV tape at the same time – static dry glazing makes it possible to achieve the Uf coefficient below 0.95 W/(m2·K)